The Benefit of one’s experience


I came across a first draft of a correspondence I wrote to someone called Tommy.  It seemed to be in response to his experiences as an Actor and he seemed to be reaching out for advice.  I can’t recall the exact details but reading my response to Tommy made me think about my career over the years, where I was back in the day, where I am now and where I may be in the future.  Anyway have a read below and let me know your thoughts.  Many thanks.

I think Tommy it is a case of horses for courses. While I am sure there are plenty of experiences that lead to paid work for some performers, the opposite has been true in my case. I worked at my career and other initiatives 24/7 but what I usually come up against is people who want me to work and give my time for free. One of the strange retrospectives of my career to date, is that the hardest jobs I have ever done as an actor has been the unpaid jobs, most notably in theatre. I have worked on major productions in both Film and Television and have never encountered the kind of hardship, bad comradeship and unprofessionalism that I had while doing unpaid work. Indeed the work I did on major paid productions were no walk in park and required considerable effort on my part but in comparison with a lot of the BS I had to put up with working for free, those paid jobs were a walk in the park. Plus, I was treated with respect and a certain amount of courtesy as a Professional. But then I was good enough and respected enough to be hired on a paid contract.

These days I work on two project initiatives, write and actively pursue my acting career. Maybe these are the experiences that will bring more paid work my way. And maybe this is what you talking about in terms of those experiences that that will bring paid work your way. If I have to work for free, I would rather it be on my terms and not that of others.

Magellan-Fifteen20 ( is a project initiative I am involved as Creative Director. Our aim is the creation of a business model where we appeal to individuals on a global scale to look at our proposal to finance and resource our work via online donations, which in the long run would enable us to develop, nurture and promote emerging talent and the work of others.

Ashanti-Dreamweaver ( is the other project where as Joint-CEO I am the driving force in developing new projects and new writing, as well as promoting and marketing my career as an Actor. again, in the long-run, it is my ambition to develop, nurture the talent of others.

So that is a little about my experiences. None of it is currently leading to paid work but I am taking a long-term view to things. Please feel free look over the websites I mentioned and spread the word, and even get others to make a donation via Magellan-Fifteen20 in supporting our efforts to make a difference.






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