Young voters are far more comfortable with the changing face of Britain than people over the age of 60. That should come as no surprise but this was the finding of a Poll commissioned by British Future (a Think Tank Organisation).  The good news when taking the results into consideration means the end of British Fascism.  The British National Party (BNP,) lost their seats in the European Parliament’s recent Elections.  This is in stark contrast to the gains made by France’s Front National, whose Leader Marine Le Pen, has done much to de-toxify her Party, presenting a different image.  However the Far Right in other EU Countries also made significant gains but it would seem that the influence of Fascism in the form of the BNP and the English Defence League (EDL,) in Britain will fade in years to come.

The fallout from the European Elections continues unabated.  The Political Class it seems has still not woken up to the fact that UKIP has made significant gains in the European Elections and if they have, they have no idea what to do.  The next eleven months will be very interesting.  Roll on May 2015 when we can all have our say on who truly governs Britain.

While young voters are far more comfortable with the changing face of Britain, there is a growing intolerance for all things Islam.  While more British Muslim Women are insisting on the wearing of the veil in the workplace, they seem to be unaware of the human rights abuses of women in the Islamic World by fellow Muslims and their intolerance for other people’s rights to follow their own religious beliefs.  In Nigeria, more than two-hundred schoolgirls were abducted and forced to convert to Islam against their wishes.  Also in Sudan, a woman was sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her Christian beliefs, as well as having to go through the indignity of giving birth with her legs chained.  From the Muslim Community in Britain, there is little if any denouncement about these human rights abuses committed by Muslims, not just to fellow Muslims (women in particular,) but to people who hold religious beliefs different to their own.  Instead what we have in Britain is a breeding ground for Muslim fundamentalism, with scant regard or any acknowledgement or denouncement of what is being perpetrated in the name of their Religion, while enjoying the freedom to force their beliefs and ideas on others in what is fundamentally a Christian Country – The Queen is after all Head of the Church of England and ‘Defender of the Faith’.  While one should never encourage or tolerate any kind of discrimination, one can well understand why there is a growing intolerance to Muslims in Britain, given what is happening in the name of their Religion, and their continued failure to denounce it, while turning Britain a virtual training ground for Islamism and its export to other parts of the Globe. Having read and studied Islam in years past, I recognise very little of what is happening in Islam’s name and wonder when Muslims will cry ‘Enough!’ and reclaim their Religion from the Islamists and demonstrate what true Islam really is. Love, Understanding, Tolerance and Respect for others, irrespective of their differences.

It is always sad to lose someone you love and respect, even more when that person was a true Humanitarian, and made a great difference in educating us by example.  So it was with a great deal of sadness that the World lost Maya Angelou.  Through her suffering , her overcoming that suffering, educating and leading by example that we can all say “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”.




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