Slavery: A British Denial

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I read an excellent Article/Interview with Film Director Steve McQueen (not to be confused with the late Hollywood Screen Legend,) in the UK’s Guardian Newspaper. The Link can be found online at:-

He has a new Film released in cinemas called  ’12 Years a Slave’, which revisits the subject of Slavery in a America. British Directors have always being good at exploring and exposing the dark side of American Life and History – Not that American Directors have not explored their own History but there is something about British Directors taking on Subjects about American Life – The darker recesses of it, that has always fascinated me. Whether it is Michael Winner (The Lawman, Chato’s Land, Death Wish), John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy) or Sam Mendes (Road to Perdition, American Beauty), British Directors have a knack of putting their finger right on the pulse of American Life – The dark…

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