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The past week has seen renewed hostilities between The State of Israel and The Hamas Government in Gaza.  Some might wonder when it was that hostilities ceased.  What is different this time is the root cause of this was the murder of three Israeli Teenagers in the ‘Occupied’ West Bank, followed by the kidnap and murder of a Palestinian Boy.  To date no one from either side knows who the perpetrators responsible for these vile murders are but what has transpired since has been rocket attacks by Hamas in Gaza into Israel.  Fortunately there have been no deaths at the time of writing of Israelis but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Israeli bombardment of Gaza which has resulted in thousands of deaths and casualties.  No one really knows the solution it seems to finding a lasting peace between Israeli and Palestinian.  The conflict is nothing new of course but what is worrying, is two States are hell-bent on annihilating each other, this time due to the murders of three teenagers and a boy.  While the murders should be rightly condemned and investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice, the ease with which both States have taken up arms against each other, the ever increasing casualties in Gaza does beggar the question:  Can there ever be a solution to a lasting peace if each goes to war so easily over four murders, which it seems was hardly investigated before the resumption of hostilities on both sides.  Truly sad.

Legislation pushed through parliaments always makes for bad laws.  That is not my view but the view of intelligentsia who are better placed to know,  However, common sense isn’t all that common when The State in Question, The Westminster Parliament of the UK tries to push through a ‘Snooper’s Charter’, to have access to our telephone calls and online communications.  The excuse: “If you have done nothing wrong, you have no need to worry,” is as tedious as it is insulting to the Electorate’s intelligence.  With less than twelve months to a fixed-date General Election, it beggars belief that the UK Coalition Government should be embarking on such legislative lunacy.  No one is convinced.  One political observer has questioned why if looking for a needle in haystack, you have to “…make the haystack bigger?”  This is what happens if the Government’s surveillance machine is watching all of us via our texts, emails and mobile ‘phone conversations.  Britain is already a ‘Surveillance Society’ with CCTV Cameras for one in every fourteen people – And that ratio is probably wildly out of date at the writing of this.  Is it any wonder that Scotland votes in a Referendum in September on whether to be an Independent Nation or remain within the UK?  The lunacy coming out the Westminster Parliament, makes that crucial decision all the more easier for Scotland.  And someone who wishes Scotland to remain a crucial member of the United Kingdom, the actions of the Westminster Mafia can only make the breakup of the United Kingdom a reality.

To read and hear some of the rubbish from ‘The Nanny State’ and so-called intellectual do-gooders, I have to ask myself:  “When has being over-weight or ‘fat’, become a criminal offence?”  It isn’t of course a criminal offence to be ‘Portly’, ‘Overweight’, ‘Curvy’, ‘Voluptuous’ etc., etc.  But all I hear in the Media is about people being ‘Obese’, as if they should be made outcasts from Society if they refuse to lose weight.  If people being ‘Obese’ is now a Social Disease, should not those people who should know better, be asking themselves why is being overweight/obese, a bigger problem now, than it was two or three generations ago?   I can give a view that is far better than the one being trotted by the intellectual fascists who seem to run our media and information services.  Simply put, over the last thirty years or more, there has been an ever-decreasing level in living standards in the United Kingdom.  The rich have gotten richer and the poor, a damn sight poorer.  The cost of living has continued going up (never down,) but wages have gone up far, far slower.  People, especially those on low incomes are faced with a stark choice:  ‘Heat or Eat’ – Pay your bills or eat.  People are going to eat only what they can afford and if it is not so healthy, so what?  It is something to put on the table and prevent you from starving.  I have often marvelled at the cost of ‘Organic Food’ in supermarkets, and wondered who would be so stupid to pay such inflated prices for food that is probably no healthier than the non-organic equivalent?  The self-same intellectual fascists, I mentioned above.  So please just get off the backs of those of us who can’t afford to appear on ‘Grand Designs’ and other such shows showing off our wealth and start dealing with more pressing problems in Society – Namely building a more fairer and equitable society where people can afford to look after themselves and have a decent lifestyle.

Speaking of a decent life, much of the Public Sector went on strike last Thursday to campaign for a fairer deal.  For one day these people who have not had a pay rise in years, protested throughout the Country to make their voice heard.  To hear some influential Conservatives comment, one would be forgiven for thinking we were back in the Nineteenth Century of Victorian Britain, where people had no rights and had to slave away for whatever crumbs they could earn.  Newsflash!  We are now in the 21st Century and while the 19th Century is a couple of hundred years behind us, ‘Thatcherism’ is now also a thing of the past and sooner our leaders and representatives realise that, the better  off we will all be as a Society.  The politics of division should be consigned to the dustbin politics of yesteryear.  It never worked then, it most certainly doesn’t now and if you want any proof, then note the decline of the Newspaper.  People aren’t reading them in the numbers they once did.  Why?  If you need to ask, then you just don’t get it.

At the writing of this, The FIFA Soccer World Cup Final is being played out by Germany and Argentina.  Personally I could care less. Plenty of good teams were on display but no truly great teams.  I actually believed Brazil as Host Nation with the backing of the crowds would have won the Tournament in a style reminiscent of the all-time Great World Cup Winning Team Ever in 1970 – Brazil!  Sadly they were everything that marvellous Brazil Team of 1970 was not –And I am not even going to say why.  The World at large knows why so let us just leave it at that.  I predict a German win.


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