Some Great Advice from a Man Who Has Been Honing His Craft for 25 Years

jdsternlook2To be good at anything in life, takes time, dedication and sacrifice.  J.D. Glasscock a Los Angeles based Film Director, Producer and Writer gives some really good advice on writing.  Over to you J.D.:-


“GLASSCOCK DIRECTOR 104 — Writing — I’ve spent 25 yrs writing and honing that skill, an actor or director is only as good as his writing and the acting that brings it together no matter your camera work or lighting…….and regardless of many it is the same as camera work or lighting or anything else and requires years of learning it’s art……….be self honest and aware in the truth of where your writing skill is, not delusioned by the many yes people around you or relatives saying your brilliant…… self aware enough to go to others to be good at what you are not, whether writing, or lighting or anything else…….if you want to be successful that is where it starts…….talent lies within self truth……..also remember people don’t converse in full sentences nor do people(Characters) all talk like they are the same person(writer) remember to layer your characters, do bios, backgrounds, whatever tools you need to differentiate your roles… addition to all that, choose the right actor for the right role….Eastwood is not an innovative director as far as camera or lighting…he is solid at those things, but his greatest gift is choosing great writers, and choosing the perfect actors to portray those roles……….and know how to choose people that are skilled at things he is not and being humble and self aware enough to acknowledge that………I’ve worked for him twice and have seen these truths, and also he runs a crew how it should be, he demands everyone treat everyone with respect and courtesy regardless of position, from catering to PA etc….he talks to all of them the same, with good heart… remember…..Writing….is key… aware of the truth of your skill in such…..


JD Glasscock – Los Angeles”

Thanks J.D. Some great advice that not only inspires but encourages me to focus on my writing and confirming what I always knew about the business I am in.  It is a collaborative effort and one should never be afraid to ask for advice or assistance. Above all, treat everyone with respect, irrespective of who there from the runners, PAs, extras upwards, from the producers, director downwards.  We all part of one great team on any production we work on.



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