End of Year Review 2014


Well Charlie Brooker has had his review via his 2014 Wipe.  My End of Year Review for 2014 is of the more personal kind.

Looking over the last End of Year Review for 2013, I could pretty much write the same for 2014.  There has been little if any change.  I am in a much better place than I was in 2012 and 2013.  That has to be a positive thing.  I have a great working relationship with my Agents, which is probably the first time I could say that in many a year.

The Magellan-Fifteen20 (http://magellanfifteen20.webs.com) and Ashanti Dreamweaver (http://ashantidreamweaver.webs.com) Initiatives are still ongoing projects.  I have had plenty of verbal support for the work I am doing via MF20.  Financial support has been few and far between but that comes as no surprise.  It is still early days for MF20.  I am in the process of re-examining my approach to MF20.  The ideal is solid but I need to convince the world, it is a good working model.

As to Ashanti Dreamweaver, that model has been in existence for more that I decade but it wasn’t until I gave it a name in 2007 that the creativity and work flowed my way.  I have ideas for plays, screenplays and stories but 2014 has seen the above take a back seat, as I had to focus my attention in other areas.  2015 will see more focus in this area, as my writing means a great deal to me.

On the subject of writing, 2014 has seen more focus on Blogging.  I have written on a wide of range of subjects during the summer but not so much since the onset of autumn.  Indeed, this is my first Article in a while.  I have seen an increase in people following my Blog, as well positive feedback on the quality of the articles I have written.

Acting.  My Career.  I am still in the game and was hired for a couple of jobs.  Again a similar situation to the last two years but I seemed to have handled things far better than I have in previous years. I rejoined ‘The Spotlight’ (the UK Actor’s Directory,) as well as maintaining my membership of Equity (UK Actor’s/Entertainment Union).  I find the working relationship and representation I have with my agents, has been very beneficial, as I seem to be submitted for better quality work than in previous years.  I have not been inundated with job offers or auditions but when I am invited to an audition or casting, it has been for better quality work.  So I am moving in the right direction in terms of where I want to be as an Actor.  A friend who is also an actor and I have begun a campaign to get cast in HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’.  It began as Twitter joke but seems to have taken on life of its own.  So who knows what may happen?  Watch this space (he says with tongue firmly in cheek).

Reflecting on 2014, things could have been worse, a lot works but compared with previous years, it has been something of watershed year.  I am moving forward if somewhat slowly.  Fortunately it is not backwards and for that I am thankful.  In rounding up this End of Year Review for 2014, I can only paraphrase how I ended my Review for 2013 by saying:-

In the end any Renaissance and any Artistic or Cultural Revolution comes not from places of affluence or elitism but where Deprivation, Poverty and Hopelessness reign supreme. We are fifteen years into a New Century and we have politicians who are decidedly old age in their outlook and opinions when they should be New Age.  Only Pope Francis has shown any Enlightenment in his Leadership thus far of The Church of Rome. Nelson Mandela set an example in years previously that has not been followed.  Sadly he is no longer with us.  We have lost a lot of great influential people during 2014.  Mike Nichols comes vividly to mind.  When I first saw his Film ‘The Graduate’ as an Eleven Year Old, it resonated with me.  It was the first time Acting resonated with me.  I was also introduced to great acting, great actors.  It was also the first time I was introduced to the music, song writing and performance talents of ‘Simon and Garfunkel’.

Again, something has to change. I am changing with each second, minute, hour and day that goes by.  Help me to instigate change by supporting my Initiative Magellan-Fifteen20.  2015 and beyond can be a good year for all of us.  We just need to take a leap of faith and make that journey together.

Thanks for reading.



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