Welcome to another edition of ‘Digital World Wired’.  As always each edition will bring you the latest news from the worlds of Entertainment, Science and Social Media outlets.

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After a sabbatical away from all things world affairs, 2015 is shaping up to be the Year of the Election.  In the UK, election fever hasn’t reached a zenith, more a long, drawn out affair where political fringe parties like the Scottish Nationalist, Plaid Cymru, UKIP, The Green Party have over the previous five years, shaped up to be major players and more than capable of sitting at the table with the so-called big boys of Party Politicals (Tory, Labour and LibDems,) will see a long, very long, dragged-out battle. Are the British People up to it I wonder?  The date of The General Election of 2015 was set in stone in the aftermath of the 2010 Election, which resulted in a Government no one really voted for – A Coalition Government.  With the competition elsewhere growing in strength and numbers, We Brits should get used to Coalition Government as a fact of political life.

Coalition Government is nothing new to the People of Israel – In fact it is a way of Political Life, one which sees elections much more frequently than is seen in the United Kingdom.  The problem with Israeli Politics is it is a case of ‘the tail wagging the dog’ as the smaller parties in not getting what they want, will withdraw support, forcing a election.  Something we may have to get used with evermore stronger political parties in the UK.  After the Thatcher Era, I am thankful that we may have seen the end of an era where a British Prime Minister can foist unpopular policies on the British People with impunity.

I am a great believer in Money and what it can buy you.  For me it is independence to do what I need to do, what I would like to do, without having to count the cost.  In the American political system, I am not too sure buying the US Presidency does the American people any favours.  Okay, the US Electoral System has given us JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama.  Conversely it has given us Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.  May well give us Bush III. It has managed to avoid ideal candidates like Hart, McCain and Kerry as well as rejecting Mondale, Dukakis and Dole.  That American Quote: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind.

As the Awards Season gets into high gear with first ‘The Golden Globes’ followed by ‘The BAFTAS’ then ‘The Oscars’, hopefully they will put to rest the embarrassment of Sony’s computer systems network being hacked, and once more put the focus on what Hollywood and the Film World at large do and does best.

It seems as if male patterned baldness may soon be treated via stem cells.  After more than thirty years of living with male patterned baldness (which isn’t a major problem for me,) I have managed to avoid clinics, Hair Club International and have wonderful romances and relationships without my hair (or rather the lack of it,) being a problem.  I have to admit that after seeing a 68 year old Robert Plant on stage at Glastonbury 2014 with those long, curly locks of hair, with the news of this stem cell treatment, I wonder could live out my senior years, with a lovely flow of long grey hair or long dreadlocks.  Such thoughts could see me lining up for Stem Cell treatment.

There is plenty more to see, read, and watch domestically and internationally throughout this edition of Digital World Wired.

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