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digital-signage-networkWelcome to another edition of ‘Digital World Wired’.  As always each edition will bring you the latest news from the worlds of Entertainment, Science and Social Media outlets.

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I have often seen the Scottish People, much like Folks in Northern England, as showing far more commonsense than their counterparts in Southern England.  That is mainly true but think West Dunbartonshire Council has got it badly wrong banning ‘Scotland’s Happiest Lollipop Man’ from greeting children who attend the nearby school with ‘High Fives’.  Given the legacy of child abuse in the UK I would suggest The Council focus their attention on such pressing matters and stop behaving like small-minded jumped up little Hitlers and allow a 74 year old man to demonstrate the respect he clearly has for young people. We need more people like Nkosana Mdikane. He is not known as ‘Scotland’s Happiest Lollipop Man’ for nothing.

As a Freelancer and Free Marketeer, I have no idea when and where I will be earning a living from day, week or month.  I am competitive, work hard (even when I am not working for money).  Nothing is guaranteed.  I just have to be the best at whatever I am doing.  I do more than one job at any given time because opportunity knocks but once.  I get what the Jack Straws and Malcolm Rifkinds of this world are about.  I really do.  What I find distasteful is the arrogance that was on display by Mr. Rifkind.  Initially he handled things well but his anger has been on display ever since.  If he cannot live in London on £67k a year, what does that say for Yours Truly and every other Londoner who isn’t a fat cat banker, celebrity or a member of the Political, Out-Of-Touch Classes who don’t have a clue about what has been going on in British Society for the last 35 years. Mainly because it has benefited them no end.

On the subject of being out of touch, unless one has wealthy parents, young people (and anyone else for that matter,) can forget about owning their own home.  I would argue those of us now in Middle Age, saw that coming decades before now.  Personally I have never seen property/home ownership at any cost as being very healthy for Society generally.  But then neither is renting from private landlords with less secure tenancies, such a healthy idea either.  I am not sure where the middle ground is on this subject anymore.  Where I live I am in a secure tenancy (provided I keep up with my rent payments of course,) but for anyone starting out even with salaries of 30k that first rodeo is anything but easy. I am happy to live where I do and pay my rent to the local council but then some of us saw the writing on the wall, in terms of where the rush for owning property would lead us.  It is here right now so deal with it.

The notion that the Brits and the Oscars awarded within days of each other are controlled by White Middle-Class Men in Suits who know nothing of the cultural diversity in their own societies and ‘field of expertise’ should come as no surprise to any observer of such events.  The Oscars were a complete white wash (no fault of the winners,) I might add but when those who vote are ninety percent, white, male with an average age somewhere in their sixties, it comes as no surprise such institutions are way out of touch.  One only has to go to any cinema in the world to see who are actually buying tickets to see the movies. You can be sure the audience isn’t ninety percent white, male, affluent and in their sixties.  But maybe I missing a trick or clearly don’t get the joke.

I gave up on the Brits years ago so not at all surprise Pharrell Williams was the only Performer of Colour to walk away with an award.  Creativity is many a spectrum of colours, ideas, diversity that all blends into create something very special.  All this is clearly lost on ‘The White Middle-Class Dudes’ who haven’t  clue.

To end on a lighter note, should any performer want to know what to do when something goes wrong during a live performance in front an audience, then look no further than what happened during Madonna’ performance at The Brit Awards.  She got up and carried as if nothing had happened.  Sheer Class.

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