Gennis Where Are You?

Good question.  I am still here readers but 2015 has been busy and eventful but for different reasons.  I haven’t landed the  role of a lifetime, nor has the execs of CAA, William Morris Agency nor United Agents swooped in to sign me as a client. Still working on the Masterplan for that one.

2015 has seen me working on (or rather at,) Her Majesty’s Civil Service, moving from one contract to another, providing business and administration solutions to Government departments.

On the creative side, I joined Raindance, one of the most influential film organisations in the UK and abroad.  Studied with Screenwriter Extraordinaire Jurgen Wolff via Raindance’s Script Coach. And attended their summer school course, reacquainting myself with the very entertainer Film Director and Writer Patrick Tucker – Memo to Self (get the third edition of his book on Screen Acting).

Magellan-Fifteen20 is on hold while I am developing ideas and a script/play but feel free to contact me if you wish to make a donation towards the development process.

Digital World Wired is also is also on hold for the same reasons as MF20.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day for what I wish to do.

Currently studying online via Future Learn about Shakespeare and his time, which really interesting but weeks behind on those studies so guess where my focus will be?  You got it.

While I have had to much to say and write about, the passion and drive just wasn’t there as there have me health issues and other things that have happened.  My head just wasn’t in the game

Apologies for going ‘Ghost Protocol’ on everyone but moving forward and burying so many ghosts from the past.  Will back up to speed soon, hopefully with plenty of Christmas cheer and goodwill.  Thanks for staying the course with me.



2 responses to “Gennis Where Are You?

  1. Great update, Daniel. I completely relate to the not enough hours in the day. Yes, Patrick Tucker is a great, and very entertaining, teacher indeed ( he was one of my favorites when I trained at DSL and that book is a gem ). Keep your chin up, and keep going! We’re rooting for you!


    • Thanks for that Natasha. Despite a whole ocean and real estate between us, we seem to move in the same circles, which is no bad thing.

      Mr. Tucker is very entertaining as always.

      Many thanks for your continued support.



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