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“Grandma What Have You Done!?” shrieked the headline of one magazine.  That question has remained in my mind this past weekend.  Not to mention the word ‘Selfish’.

Britain, notably England and Wales, has voted to leave the European Union.  Unlike the Scottish Referendum on whether to remain a part of the United Kingdom, young people between the ages of 16 and 18 were denied a vote on what is a pivotal part of their future.

While people of various ages and backgrounds voted to leave, what appalled me more than anything else was the selfish nature and attitude of the older members of English Society who voted to leave.  One lady interviewed on the BBC Newsnight programme was 83 years old and her attitude was appalling.  She voted to leave with no thought for the younger members of Society who are going to have to live with her decision.  It surprises me little if there is now a total lack of any kind of respect from the young towards the old.  And that would serve them bloody well right!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I had thought the kind of racist bigotry I faced growing up in Britain and so exemplified by ‘Alf Garnett’ in the BBC TV Shows ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ and ‘In Sickness and In Health’ were a thing of the past.  The EU Referendum Campaign showed only too well that white racist bigots are still alive and all too well in the United Kingdom, especially in England.  Some are even prepared to go as far as murdering a white female Member of Parliament to make a point.  Due to this, I have never seen myself as English in the way another person might see them self as Welsh, Scottish or Irish, despite being British.  Generations of my family were and are British Citizens/Subjects – In fact both my parents arrived from Jamaica, entering the Country with British Passports – Jamaica was a Crown Colony at the time.  I am British to the core but English?  Hell no!

The decision of the older and ignorant English in the voting to leave will have dire consequences not just those of us who live in Britain but British Expats living in other parts of the European Union.  For example, there are many British retirees living in Spain who as EU Citizens are entitled to free healthcare.  The vote to leave now puts their futures in jeopardy.  And there are many more examples where the vote to leave will have dire consequences for the British all over Europe.

But what of the hard working EU brothers and sisters who have made a life for themselves here?  Have created opportunities for themselves by finding work, creating businesses that employ British people?  What of the huge amounts of foreign investment and EU money that is invested in the UK?  What of our future as a Nation?  One that invited investment in ways other EU countries didn’t.

There is nothing worse than a man who looks at the world through a keyhole.  Someone posed the question to me last week: ‘Does Norway or Switzerland need the EU?’  No was their answer.  That told me they had not an inkling of Europe as a whole.  Norway has a population of 5 Million.  That is far less than the population of London itself.  Switzerland is far smaller country than Norway.  And yet they still do business with the EU under EU regulations.  The Leave Campaign did not mention this.

Now the scared old men and little Englanders have had their way and won the referendum, suddenly there is no rush to leave the EU.  Yet their campaign played things out as if we would leave the following week.  Now there is talk of two years or more.  There is nothing worse than being made a fool of.  Worse is being lied to and being made to look small, narrow-minded and taken for a ride.  Many it seems now realise their mistake.  A Prime Minister with a fairly good record in office, made a promise of a Referendum to heal the rift in his party, a decision and a promise he should never have made because it was not in the national interest.  His political career and reputation is now in tatters, the members of the ruling Conservative Party will decide who the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will be.  Despite being a Parliamentary System, the above does not sound like democracy to me.  To take Britain out the EU requires a mandate and that means the calling of a General Election in the autumn or spring of 2017 at the latest.  2017 the UK assumes the Presidency of the EU.  How is that going to work out?

It seems to Yours truly, the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU will take longer than two years, if it even happens at all.  The threat of Scotland (who voted to remain in the EU,) calling a second referendum to leave the UK with the possibility of Northern Ireland following suit, does not bode well for David Cameron’s successor.  Much horse trading will be involved, deals to be made with both countries and the EU, with the possibility of a second referendum on the issue.

The past nine years has seen a global recession, austerity and now things are looking good and bright for Britain, we find ourselves and the Country plunged into chaos, being led down a dark path to who knows where and the smiling, stupid backward-looking English geriatrics and ignorant, smiling and laughing with delight.

It sickens me to inner core of my being.  That is result of people looking at the world through a keyhole. If no further than the end of their nose.  That said:-

There is plenty more to see, read, and watch domestically and internationally throughout this edition of Digital World Wired.

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