I writing a first draft of this at 1.30am on a Monday morning (before the vote).  The working week is on my mind but then so is (The) Eurovision (Song Contest,) and now Euro 2016 (European Soccer Competition).  The latter two show how lacking and far behind we are in comparison to our European partners.  The British Music industry and the public don’t care about competing and showing how good we and the British Music scene truly are.  But because of this the powers be think: ‘Why bother?’

In a similar vein the England Soccer squad seem to ‘just turn up’ at international competitions, which shows that as a great football nation (the English anyway,) are nowhere good enough to put to rest five decades of underachievement in all things soccer on an international level.  But when one makes millions per years from playing for a major  English Premier League club, why would you want to go that further mile by representing your country?  Thankfully my mind-set is far different as earning millions a year would not make me arrogant and lazy – The opposite is only too true.  If a man can spend years performing in theatre for no money, what would he do if he was being paid?  Think on that one.

I have never been a fan of Conservatism as a convention nor a political movement.  All they seem to want is a stagnation in Society or turning back the clock to a time when they merely ruled rather than governed and the poorer masses always suffer because of it.

‘Together we are stronger’.  Are we?  The right-wing press and politicians would have you think differently.  They rule with fear and create enemies of our European partners. They would bully us into believing we (Britain,) should stand alone and an out-moded an unevolved idea of ‘Great British’ values would see us through the forces of economic uncertainty and global terrorism – It won’t.

The Brexit Campaign is not about migration, immigration, jobs, people or the wealth, health of the Nation.  It is about a bunch of powerful old men behind the scenes, who want to turn back time to the ‘Days of Empire’.  Look around you people – Look at your family, your friends, your neighbours.  Their faces are different colours, their cultures – Our culture is diverse.  It is called ‘Evolution’ and a vote to leave the European Union is a step backwards for all of us.

No ship moves in a backward motion nor should the Good Ship Britannia.  She has brought us this far for better and worse.  The Economy is getting better, wealth is being created via new and old established business. Do we really want to sacrifice all this because a number of powerful, scared and selfish old men and  women who have had their day but would deny everyone else the benefit from some of the opportunities they once enjoyed?

Nothing is perfect in an imperfect world but if I was in a relationship for more than forty years and the lady was fitter, stronger and able to outrun me, I would think something was amiss.

Leaving the EU would be serious backward step for all of us.


  1. Since I initially handwrote this, history has overtaken my publishing this but the above still holds water as no sooner the ‘Leave/Brexit Campaign’ won the Referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the European Union. It is interesting to note the correlation with Britain going to war in Iraq and the Brexit Campaign.  In both cases the Country was taken headlong into situation where there was no strategy in place to deal with the outcome and aftermath of achieving their aim.  No plans, no rush to implement Article 50 to begin the process of withdrawal from the EU.  In fact all I see is the outcome of the lies about immigration and everything else.  In fact it seems British Society has reverted to the dark days of my childhood when the White Majority could hurl racial abuse in public and in your face without fear of recrimination.  This what the mentality of ‘Getting rid of Johnny Foreigner’ has gotten us.  Only the Scottish and Ulster Nation seem to have been sensible and not fallen for the out and out lies of the Brexit Campaign.  Pity the English and Welsh Nations (the majority anyway,) have reverted back to Xenophobia en masse.



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