“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito” – Dalai Lama – Tibetan Spiritual Leader.


The above quote I love from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as it is a reminder of the influence we can have on others, no matter our size, status (financial to a greater/lesser degree,) simply because we are alive and more simply being ourselves – Who we are.

3a01ddebd26660229aba22fec6993d9cIn times of uncertainty, it seems important to reflect on our place in the world and how we choose to interact with others on a daily/day-to-day basis.  In the midst of disharmony in a post-Brexit era, I have witnessed numerous instances of kindness and solidarity across the UK Capital.

This stems from a not-so-well known actor answering requests for autographed photos – To handing a lady a bottle of water on a hot summer’s day – To commuters on London Underground offering up their seats to a pregnant women (whether she is wearing a ‘Baby Onboard’ Badge or not).

Good people are all around us.  My personal experience in Showbiz and the Media indicates this, even when having to deal with pretentious assholes at the same time.  The latter seldom survive in their careers because they seldom realise they are in a ‘People Business’ so need to learn to treat people around them with ‘Courtesy’, ‘Decency’ and ‘Respect’.  That costs nothing in the greater scheme of things.

aeb8114ccb89ebfdbf06906560d622adGood people are all around – Now more than ever, we need to focus our minds on the positives that can emerge in times of adversity and austerity.  We can even learn from those we perceive as enemies.

On a lighter note, I am working throughout the summer – August in particular – I will be taking some time out at some point (as I have to practice what I preach,) but I am so excited at projects I am currently attached to.  I am still attached to Magellan-Fifteen20 as Cheerleader-Old World (1)in-Chief, convincing people the world over to make a modest or generous donation – not just to keep the lights on, but first and foremost, to enable us to enable others to realise their dreams via their creativity.  Sadly, it all comes down to money.  That’s the bottom line.  We all need to think outside the box at a time and era when all we see is the ‘corporatization’ of The Arts – Where there are more corporate types in offices of a theatre company than there are actors/performers on the stage.  At MF20, we are trying to change all that with our philosophy of providing a creative voice to those who don’t have it.

448096Additionally, I will be working on a photo project as the result of a meeting I had with a fellow professional who shares my love of doing different, original work via camera and stills photography.

All of the above, while working 9 to 5-ish as a contractor within the UK’s Civil Service.  Do I sleep ever? Occasionally but why waste time sleeping when there is a world waiting to be conquered? And yes, I am still an Actor for hire.

Wishing you all a very happy and mega hot summer (UK 1976 style).

Love and regards,

Daniel Signaturetumblr_mj1yx14EuM1rjl16lo1_250





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