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One month on from the Brexit vote and what has resulted thus far?  Nothing.  The liars have had their day, won the vote to leave but have not lifted a finger since.  The impact of the vote has been anything but nothing.  The Pound has collapse against the (U.S.) Dollar and the Euro.  Sure it makes exporting goods cheaper with a weaker currency but this is something that has not happened for more than thirty years until now.  The disenfranchised will see no difference of course but with so much uncertainty around, when the economy tanks and we are once more in a recession, guess who suffers first and the most?  The disenfranchised.  Remember that.

Lloyds Bank is cutting up 3,000 jobs throughout the UK – Not good.  The Bank says this decision was taken before the EU Referendum Vote. That as it may be, we are in uncertain times.  Nothing like cleaning house when we are all in uncertain times.

While Lloyds may be a financial strategic affair, I am sure the former employees of BHS will have little to thank Sir Phillip Green for.  It is staggering that a man of such stature could rip-off a struggling company by paying himself millions in dividends despite the BHS being in financial trouble. What of those people who worked for BHS and rely on their company pension to make ends meet?  A couple of decades ago the late Robert Maxwell was demonised for doing something similar with regard to looting the pension fund of the Mirror Group Newspapers.  Maxwell was a rank outsider where the British Establishment was concerned.  Sir Phillip clearly is.  The arrogance of the man is staggering but knights and barons of the English Realm were always rogues in nature and deed.  Clearly hundreds of years later, nothing has changed.

There is something unappealing about a man or woman running for public office who takes everything far too personally.  Margaret Thatcher was vindictive by nature, a vindictiveness that saw the ruin and over-commercialisation of the ITV Network, her eventual weak Government because she fired any member of her Government who disagreed her and so the list goes on until her eventual downfall.  Donald Trump is a case too far I would say.  No U.S. Presidential Candidate has even inveigled or rather extended an invitation to the Russians to spy on his presidential opponent.  When one considers his actions a step too far, he does or says something else that exceeds what he did previously.  From Reagan to Obama, each man who held that office had his ability to do the job drawn into question.  Trump clearly shows he is not fit to hold the highest public office in the United States.  And that says a great deal about the Republican Party in America today.  Trump is far too dangerous and is not withot sin or fit to hold public office.  I love America, its culture, its people but do wonder how as a Great Nation, there seems so little choice in a Presidential campaign?

The problem with Hollywood Producers (and I have met a few bless them,) is they are seldom willing to take a risk – And who can blame them when theirs and other people’s money and shirts are on the line.  Despite this, it is very surprising that a known winner and original thinker like Joss Whedon has been on the fringes since his work on Avengers: Age of Ultron.  One with any knowledge of the Man, his work and track record will wonder when the likes of Star Trek and Stars Wars were being rebooted and continued respectively, he wasn’t even in the running.  J.J. Abrams isn’t without his track record for making brilliant, cerebral shows (that sometimes can literally leave people ‘Lost’).  Okay, J.J. didn’t like the fact that CBS who owned the rights to the Original Series were still producing merchandise based on that Series – And who can blame him.  He couldn’t do what he wanted to do to make his vision of a rebooted Star Trek universe work outside of the film franchise. I agree.  The old Star Trek universe is pretty dead on its feet so it is disappointing that the new TV series ‘Star Trek Discovery’ will be set in the old universe some time after the original series ,  That aside, if there is one man who could make it work, it would be Joss Wedon.  Quite why he hasn’t been called on to helm one of the above franchises is lost on me.  Times have changed and while Star Wars has moved on, Trek (the rebooted universe aside,) has not.  These days one reads many accounts of Gene Roddenberry that reveals is not the saint many trekkies believe he is. All things must pass.  Time stands still for no one.  Star Trek is no exception to that rule.

It seems Disney new animation feature ‘Princess Moana’ will not have a love interest.  Instead the story will focus on Moana finding herself, rather than finding romance.  What did I say about nothing stands still forever?  Seems Disney has got the message.

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