Do You Need to Act to be an Actor?

Do You Need to Work to be an Actor?

Recently I watched an interview American Actor Don Cheadle gave, which was broadcast via YouTube.

In the Interview he was asked whether you have to work to be an actor.  I wasn’t surprised by the answers and explanations he gave.  Simply because I do those same things to a certain extent.

As Don explained there are certain things you can do – Read plays, read and practice monologues etc.  I would have said watch Film and TV drama but I have taken a step back from that as I grew weary of watching stuff that I want to be in but as I am, I am not close enough to have the opportunity. I don’t dream of being in ‘Game of Thrones’ but the goal is to work on that production from a professional stance.

Yes, I did all the things Don talked about and even if you hardly ever work as an actor, if you are doing all you can in terms of maintaining your skills, love and commitment in that area, you have that right at least to say you are an Actor.

I aspire to write. So I write.  Everyday, every week, every month.  I managed to publish at least one blog article every week.  On one day, I wrote and published eight articles!  I was on a roll and kept at it then stopped.

Earlier this week, I published something and felt immensely proud to have made that achievement.  I struggled after so long but I did it.  Now I am jotting down ideas.  I am writing this while on a lunch break (long hand).  Once more I am a writer.

I haven’t trod the boards of a stage in four years, my last major film was six years ago.  The last short film I did was two-three years ago.  Yet I am still here, I am working on my own stuff, planning projects, doing the odd bit of fundraising via Magellan-Fifteen20.

I am not setting the world of Showbiz alight but I am at the very least lighting up the world that is my life, by doing what is necessary to stay afloat and stay in the game.  My dear mother used to say every dog has its day.  My father use talk about every man having his time in the sun.

Given where I am in my life, I guess I should be thankful for many things – I have my health, strength and stamina.  I age fairly well as no one believes my actual age.  So I have youthfulness and maturity on my side.

And yet this:  I have yet to have my day and time in the sun.  I don’t have the situation of reflecting back and look at all the successes I had in brighter days of a career.  All that has yet to happen to Yours Truly.

Every new dawn brings a new day.  One full of endless possibilities.  I have a life and working days where I am learning new things that adds to my arsenal that is the Actor’s Life outside of Acting.

Much has yet to come to pass but until it does, I much prefer to live for and much to work for and work towards.


Each New Day Brings New Possibilities, New Opportunities



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