Personal-Branding-logoWrite out how you want others to see you

Focus on your values

Stick to a timeframe

If you want to be perceived a certain way, make sure you are consistent about how you act.


The above are some of the suggestions I have received over the years.

Today, in the 21st Century, we should all know how powerful a brand can be. Whether a logo that sells millions of products or perceived values that secure a legion of followers, the importance of having a strong brand today is obvious for all to see.

It should be noted, branding goes beyond businesses.  We can develop our own personal brand to set us apart in the workplace.  We need to portray ourselves in the best possible light, – whether it be job interviews and/or securing involvement on exciting projects – to bagging that promotion, we need to be a brand people want to be involved with.  We are judged in a matter of seconds on our appearance, how we behave and interact with others.  How we market ourselves to others, could make or break one’s career.

The challenge we have to rise to, is how we go about developing a brand unique to us.  A personal brand needs to at once encompass your personal values and the individual skills that set you apart from everyone else.  It will ultimately need to embody how you want to be seen by the world at large.  To do this, there are several steps you can take.


Get something down on paper

Write out how you want to be seen by others.  Think about how to match your behaviours to this statement.


Identify your values and skills

what-is-personal-brandWhat are the things that matter to you?  Ethics, loyalties, due diligence?  It could be all of those things. By knowing yourself and what drives you, it is easy to recognise what satisfies you and will make you more productive at work and other endeavours.  When it comes to your skill set, what do you offer in your current role and what could you offer a future employer?  Having these things at the forefront of your mind will help big time when it comes to adapting your behaviour.


Set timeframes

PersonalBrand2Never be afraid to set timeframes.  It will give you a sense of purpose and a target to work towards.  Think where you want to be six months from now and how is your present self, helping you to get there?  Working towards a deadline and blocking out some time to reflect on what you have achieved during this period helps to see where you are not only going but where you are coming from.


Identify what you want to achieve in your life and career

personalbrandingYou don’t have to create a long detailed plan but it is important to identify career goals, ambitions and aspirations that will help you develop your personal brand.  Use your set of values to think about the types of company you want to work for.  Think about how they compare to the present company you work for. Comparison between the two will improve your engagement with a company and help to work towards a shared goal.  That in itself will help boost your personal brand within the workplace.


Be consistent

personal-branding-tipsWhen you have identified a set of values and are focusing on implementing them, this process should become natural.  Think for example, how you feel if a recognised brand appeared to go against its promoted values and apply this mind-set to the message you are giving out.


Implement it

Once you know how you want to be seen (i.e. Your Brand,) and how this will help you in your career, look to phase these changes into your working life.  You can’t transform and won’t transform overnight but seek to regularly check against your already identified objectives off a list so you are always moving in the right direction.



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