160628_POL_Brexit.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2With the period of Purdah just around the corner as the EU Referendum is also around the corner, now is probably a good time to write about Politicians and why I never believe a single word they say.

The UK Referendum in June will be the most useless and time wasting election during my lifetime.  Reasons, I discussed elsewhere is based on the fact we have never had a proper, factual debate about the then ‘Common Market’, EEC through to the EU.  The European Project has grown and evolved, with more countries gaining membership.  Yet in Britain the old right-wing brigade of English Conservative politicians want to leave a Union we have invested nearly fifty years in the form of money, time and considerable effort.  All of which will be lost if we exit.  The arguments don’t stack up to me as a private individual.  Immigration comes into the debate as the UK (like other EU countries,) has open borders, which allow for the mobility of jobs, labour and skills – In a nutshell, means anyone who is a citizen of the EU, can live and work anywhere in the EU.  Right-wing politicians have always had a problem with Immigration.  What is so different now is the vast number of people throughout the EU who choose to come and live in Britain are Caucasian, plus, the same right-wing politicians are powerless to prevent it.  One of the rules of the EU club of nations.  It should be noted British employers are driving this agenda as they are only too happy to employ people from the EU over British applicants.  This should not be surprising as successive UK Governments have consistently failed to invest in Education and skills of its people, hence the results: far more EU Nationals working in the UK and far more Britons with Welfare as a lifestyle.  That is what a lack of investment in Britain and British people gets you in the long run.

Back to politicians. Do I believe them?  No.  Absolutely not. Why?  They can never give a straight answer to a straight question.  Not hard really.  It is a simple thing really but politicians are like modern day versions of Laurel and Hardy – They make a simple thing look hard – And they are not in the least bit funny.

I have heard via some sources, one political party paid £10,000GBP for acting lessons.  Apparently many political parties have done this over the years.  The question beckons: Why?  Whatever their reasons, it is nearly always for all the wrong reasons.

I am no drama coach but I have been around this acting career route so many times.  I can tell just by watching and listening on how to make things more dramatic, make it big until something gives.

It is not about being dramatic, it is about being more authentic.  What people buy into is not how well-spoken or pretty your speech is, it is about how connected you are emotionally. And how real you are in your performance.

When people forget themselves and get lost in their subject that is when they become very real.  When they reel off lines that are well rehearsed but devoid of heart, devoid of soul, we can see it, we can feel it. Or not.

Politicians will have you believe they are great at what they do.  They speak well, they perform well.  But they are not great actors – Hell, they are not even actors.  Nothing about them rings true.  The opposite is true of great actors.

This is why great actors are just that – Great actors. Great actors don’t reel off a carefully prepared script.  Great actors don’t just reel off lines; they move us at a deeper level.  Politicians try this but fail to impress.  Look at any great actor playing a politician.  Meryl Streep played Margaret Thatcher better than Margaret Thatcher as a politician ever could in ‘The Iron Lady’.

The Political Class are so insecure, I just fall asleep listening to them.  They don’t come across as real, know very little about their trade and are not even qualified to hold ministerial office by what I have seen and heard.

There are exceptions and have been over the years fortunately but the job description of screwing over Society, feathering their own nests is still part of the job description but when it comes to my profession, just leave it to the professionals.  I have given better speeches and rhetoric in my sleep or when I was plain drunk.

  1. History has a way of overtaking things. The above piece was written just prior to the period of Purdah when Parliament goes into recess leading up to an election – In this case the EU Referendum. But as I have written elsewhere, the whole thing isn’t slam dunk.  While the Leave Campaign won the Election, the result could be ignored by the Government, Parliament has to vote on it and could vote against leaving – The Government could secure a deal with the EU that renders the result irrelevant and call a second referendum.

Whatever happens, we won’t be leaving the EU for years to come – Even if Article 5O is engaged.



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