Key Ways of Increasing Your Influence on Social Media

Social Media is affecting our lives in so many ways.  It is a key part of marketing and creating a brand identity. It not just companies, business and entrepreneurs who can benefit.  With Social Media, we are all entrepreneurs in one way or another.  Whether you are building a reputation, a business or just putting information out there, one’s brand identity comes into play.  Try the following tips:-

  1. Be discerning. Combine an original point of view with postings from other respected sources within your sphere of interest.  Don’t bombard your audience too much but be creative and post at regular intervals as far as possible.
  2. Engage your audience/readership. Make it a rule to be accessible to your audience.  Be the Everyman.  Interact with them and have a real conversation – Avoid just posting your news of the day.  There are other online sources dedicated to that.
  3. Find your niche. You can be generalist as it pertains to your interest or business and post about anything and everything and I do this when I have something to say or an idea comes to mind I wish to discuss.  That is my choice but the smart money recommends finding a specific topic of interest that resonates and focus on that.  Own a subject and work to become a go to source.
  4. Spending your time wisely – Set aside time as you lead up to your launch. Connect with like-minded people or potential customers/audience on Social Media.
  5. Embrace each platform’s culture. Every Social Media portal encourages a unique voice.  Make sure your content reflects that.  If you are unsure, read, research, observe for a while.  You will catch on quickly.

Grow your followers, connect with like-minded folk, grow a business etc., but most of all, shape your voice and give that voice an identity.

Wishing you every success.

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