“… the ninth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of four months with a length of 30 days.

September in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of March in the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological autumn is on 1 September. In the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological spring is on 1 September.[1]

September marks the beginning of the ecclesiastical year in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is the start of the academic year in many countries, in which children go back to school after the summer break, sometimes on the first day of the month.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

September has always been a time of new beginnings – The start of a new academic year, a brand new year, new friends, new school if you are child, a new college/university if you are young/mature student. A time to start thinking about Winter and the long cold months ahead – Harvest time, when grain, crops and fruit are gathered up, stored or preserved – The reason why John Barleycorn (the personification of the important cereal crop barley,) suffers attacks, death and indignities, corresponding to the various stage of barley cultivation, such as reaping and malting. The end of one life to ensure the survival of others during the harsh winter months ahead. How mystical, how spiritual, how religious it all sounds.  But is this not the human condition also?

The birds no longer have time to sing their early morning chorus’ as they too need to start thinking about the long winter months, when they start preparing for the long flight to warmer climates in the southern hemisphere.

September, when I look back longingly on what was Summer and lost loves of summers long past, now facing autumnal blues and a long Narnia Winter ahead.  Not all is lost though.  Christmas beckons reminding me of the birth of a special child who grew up to make a real difference in the world of his time and many futures ahead.  Then there is Robin Redbreast, looking dapper – no matter how hard Jadis spreads her spell of Winter far and wide – Reminding me that no matter how bleak the midwinter becomes, like Mr. Redbreast we can always look our best and shine brightly, no matter how long and dark winter days may seem.

All these things come to pass in my mind’s eye when September arrives.

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