Welcome to another edition of ‘Digital World Wired’.  As always each edition will bring you the latest news from the worlds of Entertainment, Science and Social Media outlets.

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Since my last editorial, the situation regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union goes from one farce to another.  Questions from new Premier Theresa May such as “What is Brexit?” would be laughable if the situation was not so serious.  It seems (to this writer at least,) that the main debate, actually began after the Referendum Vote.  It seems (in England and Wales at least,) the issue of Immigration and ridding the Country of ‘Johnny and Jane Foreigner’ was first and uppermost in the mind of the English and Welsh Electorate.  To be honest, I find the whole issue boring now.  The situation is it will take years to leave the EU, if we leave at all.  The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

Since I was eligible to vote in a British General Election (1983 onwards,) every time boundary changes (for constituencies) came into force, it benefitted the Conservative Party, so news of new proposed boundary changes, come as no surprise. Gerrymandering is too kind a word to describe this proposed action.  The Labour Party has never benefitted from such changes and suggestions of ‘in-built advantages for Labour,) are laughable.  Any such advantages for Labour could possibly arise that the population within certain areas have increased and now vote Labour.  Owen Jones article in The Guardian, puts the case against such changes far better than I ever could.

The problem with the American Presidential Campaign is that neither of the front-runners (Trump nor Clinton,) are very good nor inspiring candidates – In fact, one is far worse than the other.  They say a population gets the Government they deserve.  The problem with that saying in the geo-politics of the 20th/21st Century, is those of us who live outside of the United States, don’t have a vote who becomes President but find ourselves subject to their laws, even going to war when a US President insists on it.  We are still paying a dear price for being involved in Iraq and Afghanistan because of a trigger-happy US President.  What will become of the World should we get either a second Clinton Administration or worse, a Trump Administration?

Every time a successful actor opens their mouth about the lack of diversity in their industry, does nothing about it, I roll my eyes, turn the page and move on.  David Oyelowo says it is absolutely inexcusable female directors are marginalised.  Are they?  The names of a number of successful female directors just rolls off the tip of my tongue at the mere mention of the phrase “Female Directors’.  David, you are a successful Actor both sides of the Atlantic Pond.  If you feel so strongly on the issue, put your money where your mouth is and actually sponsor the work and careers of those female directors you feel are being marginalised.

Why have hedgehogs declined?  I have no idea.  Could it be the cause is the same that sees us losing more and more species due to the Human Species being unable to live in harmony with Nature instead of destroying it piece by piece?  Discuss.

That said:-

There is plenty more to see, read, and watch domestically and internationally throughout this edition of Digital World Wired.

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