Racism – A Personal View Via Experience and Observation


The piece below was originally written and published on Facebook in response to criticism and belittlement I received for commenting on links between the Brexit Vote and the rise in racial abuse and physical attacks on EU Nationals and others perceived as being ‘Foreigners’ in the UK, even though their country of birth is the United Kingdom.

Things got worse when I made comparisons between the ugly campaign run by Donald Trump during the U.S. Presidential Election Campaign.  How dare I make comparisons between Trump’s xenophobic comments and attacks on Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks – Was there anyone Donald Trump didn’t insult?  Don’t recall any anti-Semitic comments but everyone else was blamed for all the ills in America.  All except ‘Blue Collar White Males’ of course.

Anyway below is the piece I wrote and published.  It received over two hundred ‘Likes’, 58 ‘Shares’ and numerous contributions via comment and debate.  Given this, I thought I would share this with the greater readership here on my Blog.  Please feel free to comment.  All contributions welcomed.


I have spent the best part of my entire life, not commenting on issues of Race and Racism. This despite, being publicly spat at in the street, as a child, having to endure taunts of Nigger, Wog, Nig-Nog, Sambo, Coon, the list goes on. Inside the classroom, outside in the playground. Even outside the home of my parents.

I took it all in and carried on with life regardless. Dr. King would have been proud.

Since Brexit and the most ugly U.S. Presidential Campaign in living memory, we have seen a rise in the kind racism and bigotry I experienced in the past.

So five decades later in life, I am coming out. I am saying, this is not on. I have gone through all this as a boy and a man. And I am sure as hell not putting up with it now in the 21st Century.

There is nothing. And I repeat, there is nothing, anyone can tell me about Race in Britain, as a Black Man born and raised in Britain.

I didn’t raise the barriers. I didn’t make the distinctions between Black and White. I didn’t make the distinctions between Black and Asians either. Those distinctions existed long before I entered this mortal plane.

The only Race I belong to is ‘The Human Race’. What defines me and differentiates me from anyone else, is a mere five percent of my genetic makeup. This mere five percent, genetically determines the colour of my skin and ethnicity. The other ninety-five percent is what makes me Human. A part of the Human Race. The blood that courses through my veins is same colour as everyone else’s…Red.

Brexit gave you a vote to determine whether you wished Britain to remain in or leave the EU. Brexit does not give you a mandate to racially abuse and attack people from other countries who have made their home and lives here.

Brexit does not give you the mandate to turn the clock back to openly display and practice the kind of xenophobia I have personally experienced.

And those who see no link between any of above and what has been happening in Britain and The U.S. this past year, then shame on you.

But as long as I have a breath in my body I will continue to fight Racism and Xenophobia whenever and wherever I encountered it.

There are good people out there in Society. Such things can only flourish if those good people sit back, say nothing and do nothing.


Many thanks for reading.



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