End of Year Review


2016 has continued the upward curve I enjoyed throughout 2015 in terms of making a living. Sadly, the same cannot be said in terms of my first love Acting and the Performing Arts. It would not be until November that I was hired to for a corporate video shoot. It wasn’t Shakespeare but it reminded of what I have been missing since March 2015.

While I have managed to keep my head above water and wolves away from my door, I was seriously concerned about the virtual death of my Acting Career during most of 2015 and virtually the whole of 2016.

Towards the end of the year, I was fortunate to be invited for two commercial castings – one I received a callback for. Unfortunately, I was not hired for either. My agents have put me forward for a number of good profitable roles but not getting hired.

The past couple of years has seen my focus on earning a living elsewhere doing other things. As a result, I haven’t done much of my own legwork, which was always helpful in getting work besides my agents. And that additional material for a showreel and my YouTube Channel – both of which are woefully out of date.

Clearly I know what needs to be done in 2017 and already have plans in place to reverse the downward trend of the past two years.

Those initiatives I have been involved in such Ashanti Dreamweaver and Magellan-Fifteen20 have been on hold during 2016 but will will be working a lot more on both during 2017.

As a Performer, I couldn’t round this Review up without mentioning the unusual high number of people we lost during 2016 – Some truly unexpected and right up the last day of the Year.

David-BowieThe death of David Bowie so early on in the Year, truly shocked me and still does now. As did Prince’s Passing. 2016 saw the loss of so many celebrities but as we now have so many celebrities and a celebrity-obsessed culture, it should be no surprise there has been this passing of so many people in the public spectrum. What is surprising is the loss of so many talented people, whose like we may never see again. And that is truly sad.

So while I can say overall 2016 has been a good year of sorts for Yours Truly, it is overshadowed by the loss of so many great people from the world of entertainment, sport and the arts.

I cannot begin to mention all the great people we lost during 2016 but the picture below is a great place to start.



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