Welcome to another edition of ‘Digital World Wired’.  As always each edition will bring you the latest news from the worlds of Entertainment, Science and Social Media outlets.

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It is four weeks since a new man entered The White House and I can’t recall a time when it seems as the world is going to hell – It just seems that way and yes, we have fallout from some countries in the Middle East. I was always told the one thing you should never do is throw petrol on a raging the fire.  Certain parts of the world have being engulfed in raging fires – some for the past twenty years or more.  Clearly that is something the new man in The White House has never heard and clearly doesn’t believe in, even if he was given that advice.

It is now four weeks since the new man took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.  Despite this, I have to keep reminding myself, this man will be resident there for the next four years.  This first 28 days, let alone first 100 days has done anything but unite his country.  And I am thinking, what is to come next.

Well it is awards season and at the time of writing, we have the British equivalent to the American Academy Awards – The BAFTAs.  Never really bothered with the BAFTAs, as a British Actor of Colour and the way the British Entertainment Industry works, I don’t see myself, ever getting near to being nominated – I have more chance of a Golden Globe or Oscar – Kind of says it all where I am my peers of colour and ethnicity are concerned.  But that is my personal take on the British Entertainment side of things.

The Video Section gives some advice on maintaining a indie film career. With the industry pushing self-taping on actors who probably just want to be actors first and foremost, it is probably easier in the long run to just be a film maker who just happens to be an actor.  That would be one way of telling the Industry to shove it where the sun don’t shine.

That said:-

There is plenty more to see, read, and watch domestically and internationally throughout this edition of Digital World Wired.

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