About Me

I am and have always been a dreamer, fortunately some of those dreams have come true, despite my fair share of nightmares. On the positive side, I love Film, I love the Genre and the genres within the Genre.  I have and continue to work in films whenever there is a role that comes my way.  I was once fortunate enough to work opposite the lovely Penelope Cruz in a scene in the film ‘Sahara’.  There have been many film and television roles either side of ‘Sahara’ including an appearance in the Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence.  Then there is my work in Theatre.  Since 2007 I have appeared in Productions as diverse as  ‘Showdown’ (an improvisation showcase,); ‘ A Certain Library in Bath’ (2008 – 2011); ‘Dial L for Latchkey’ (2011); Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Bear’ (2011) and ‘All About Poe and His Return to Bath’ (2011 – 2012).  The latter received it’s West End Premiere in February 2012, which is also when I made my London West End stage debut.  Since then I have tackled the role of ‘Sebastian’ in Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’.

Prior to my foray into acting, I had a completely different kind of life. Moving to London in 1996 after a brief stint in the Civil Service, I had a career in Market Research that lasted eight years, during which, I got married, supported a family, studied at University in the evenings and eventually got a BSc. Honours Degree in Computing and Multimedia. After my university studies ended, I began my formal training with the Actor’s Theatre School in North London on a part-time evening basis (again while holding down a full-time job in Market Research and supporting a family). Since I began my formal drama training, I have never looked back. and when my career in Market Research ended, I pursued my career in Acting, while doing a variety of jobs inside and outside of the Industry but one thing has remained constant throughout and that is, I have remained an actor. I have worked right across the board  in Film, Theatre, Television, Internet Virals, Computer Gaming, Corporate Videos, Still Photography even.  You name it, I have done it.  And continue to do so whenever a role/work comes my way.

In addition to my acting career, I am also a writer. I have been writing this Blog since 2010 a personal journal since 2007  – I did begin such a project back in 2005 but on reading it, it was so depressing, I destroyed it.  2005 was a bad year for sure.  Prior to that I was writing poetry for many years, some of which have found their way into poetry anthologies and competitions. There has been the occasional unpublished short story, a diary of a king looking back over his life as a young man and knight (unfinished at time of writing).  Also at the time of writing, I have begun work on my first play.  I am enjoying the writing process, even if I haven’t gotten beyond Act One, Scene One – So many ideas are flowing.

I will always be passionate about what I do, as there is nothing like it in the world. But then there is no one like me. I have been many men: President, businessmen, doctors, surgeons even!! And that is just a few of the people I have played. I even get to act once in a while too. Funny that!